Fragrance for air conditioning with natural fragrances We will pleasantly aromatise your apartment, your office and your life... CZ DE IT PL RU SK EN SL HU Fragrance for air conditioning...
About us
A couple of years ago, I argued that air conditioning can have a pleasant smell. It was a challenge that I wanted to give up many times. I am a heavy allergy sufferer, and therefore I was searching for a fragrance for air conditioning that would not set off any allergic reactions. The fragrances for air conditioning that I offer are naturally based. They are long-lasting and are pleasant smelling. They are built on a subconscious perception of your body. When you are tired, you will reach for Green tea. If you want to have fun, you will be impressed with the fragrance called Cola. If you are looking for romance, then Velvet blossom is exactly what you need. And if you want to make a deal, then Logo will shoot you on to greater achievements. New fragrances are coming soon...
What we offer
Fragrances for air conditioning
Natural fragrances for air conditioning that will calm you, energise you, make you dance, touch you or inspire you to greater achievements.

Fragrances for HVAC systems
They will calm your clients, force them to stop, dream and buy. They will realise that they feel good just by being in your premises.

Fragrances for cars
They will scent your car and give it a hallmark of purity. Moreover, they will give to your body what it misses the most.

Air purifiers
They are just icing on the cake that will solve the troubles that non-smokers have with tar or allergy sufferers with dust.